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@AndrlCh said in Ice/Light Force build? @Obscure-Ale Rod Shot creates a homing projectile that fires from your Rod when you use a normal attack; the Damage multiplier and the PP recovery only apply to this projectile.. Elemental Conversion takes your Weapon's elemental percentage and then converts it...

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Skip to content. PSO2 and stuff. Freeform DPS Guide. About Selphea. Home » Summoner Guide Pt.2: Class Combos & Builds. Hunter, Ranger and Force are pretty dead as subclasses - most of their skills will not work.

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Common Drop: Force Basic ice technique. Freezes the air to fire a line of icicles. Gibarta ギ・バータ Power Accuracy PP Status 622 100 23 15 667 100 23 17 932 100 23 17 1380 100 23 17 1.00 sec. Common Drop: Force Intermediate ice technique. Quickly cools the atmosphere, producing icy shrapnel in front. Rabarta ラ・バータ Power ...

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PSO2 Fleet Discord Guild Skill Trees - - https:/...

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Another fact which can be excluded from Figure 1 is the reversion of wedging force sign from positive to negative. The reason of this conversion is thought to be the conversion of applying wedging force from tensile to compression as a result of increasing the crack angle and decreasing the angle between force direction and its applying area, resulting in closing of the crack lips, instead of ...

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These tiny beastmen live solely in the Yhoator Jungle on the eastern half of Elshimo. The Tonberries possess a great deal of anger, or "rancor," in their hearts. It is this anger that binds them as a tribe while driving them to commit terrible acts against all other beings. During the Great War, the majority of the Tonberries remained in their strongholds, the Temple of Uggalepih and Pso'Xja ...

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The best way to deal with ice phase is dependent on what special she'll be using first. Besides that, the dps rotation is pretty straightforward - thresh it out. With experience, you'll learn that you can stall the attacks by walking her in order to force a prison/contain first (however u want), but to keep it simple, thresh it out.

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3 hours ago · Its basically a class PSO2 Builds Guide by UnLucky Welcome to the build guide, your one stop shop on every permanent decision affecting your Subclass choices include Fighter which has a surprising amount of skills applicable to Force, Braver for weakness 29 Mar 2020 by Gina; Mar 29, 2020 Hunter, itself as a sub-class, lends its ...

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Barta (Ice Fang 3) Shoot a trail of ice that travels across the ground. This is an overall decent Tech for doing damage in a straight line. I use this for mobbing or bossing when Ilbarta does not work out. Gibarta (Ice Fang 3) Create a ball of ice that shoots out tiny icicles. The range is short, but good enough for for killing grouped up enemies.

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