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•MSE 1001, 2020, 3000, 3003, 3020, 4020, 4021, 4777 •New Courses •MSE 4320 Industrial Controls in Manufacturing 3-0-3 •MSE 4759 Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion 3-0-3 •Degree Modification •The cross-listed MSE (PTFE)/ECE 4761, 2-3-3, was implemented in the mid-90’s by two former faculty members in then PTFE and ECE.

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The new faculty members, who hail from Harvard, Georgia Tech, industry, and many other organizations, represent one of the biggest influxes of talent in the last several years, who will build on areas of growth and critical need within the School. New Faculty: Ghada Almashaqbeh. Department: Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

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View the 2020 Ohio State Football Schedule at The Buckeyes football schedule includes opponents, date, time, and TV.

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ECE 4011 and ((ECE 3020 and ECE 3030) or (ECE 3025 and ECE 3072 and ECE 3084)) [all courses minimum C] Optional Text: Hyman, Fundamentals of Engineering Design , Prentice-Hall, 2 nd ed., 2003. ECE 4012 Grading:

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Vancouver [email protected] Institute for [email protected] Research into CyberStore User (Datapac 3020 8530 1030) Security Canada V7K 2G6 [Moderator's Note: A couple years ago we had a thread here in the Digest discussing the ignorance surrounding '666' and the various places the prefix was in use throughout the USA and Canada.

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ECE 4140 Power Trans. Lines: Field Effects & Insulation Co-ordination N/A Outline Prerequisite: ECE 3720. Material from this course offered in ECE 4360. Not offered 2020-2021 ECE 4150 Control Systems: F/W. Outline Prerequisite ECE 2160 and ECE 3780. Website ECE 4160 Control Engineering (Technical Elective) W Outline Prerequisite: ECE 4150. Website

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Email: [email protected] Office Hours: MW 3-4pm and by appointment Teaching Assistant Name: Keeya Madani Email: [email protected] Office: VL 449 Office Hours: TR 10-11:30am TESSAL Lab Teaching Assistant Name: Ashwin Vadivel Email: [email protected] Office: VL 440 Office Hours: here

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Auslandsstudium im Zeichen des Studierendenhochs und danach Auslandsstudium im Zeichen des Studierendenhochs und danach! Analyse von Zielländern für Individualstudierende und Hochschulen Uwe Brandenburg Jiani Zhu Christian Berthold Arbeitspapier Nr. 93 Juli 2007 Auslandsstudium im Zeichen des Studierendenhochs und danach!

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28 April 2012: Final exam from 11:30 to 2:20pm on Tuesday, 1 May 2012. Don't forget your course evaluation.: 26 April 2012: All sorts of updates: fake homework 12 with solutions, test 3 solutions, and the Maxwell equations crib sheet.

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